Holistic Health Consultation - HHC

I am a curious mother of three kids and extraordinarily passionate about healthy living and proper lifestyle. All throughout my childhood to adult life, I had seen my mother was sick mostly due to improper nutrition and lifestyle. I understand how important our family health is! Nothing can above our good health. My holistic education began 2012-13. We got unbelievable positive result as family whole. Every human being health condition and needs are unique. No one diet and lifestyle fits for everyone. Knowing individual weakness and strength, deficiency and resources, we provide custom guideline for individual health issue, weight loss or other health needs and goal even you are busiest person.

After my post grade we migrated in NYC, USA where I studied Integrative nutrition and essential oil that my expertise later on helps hundreds of clients in NYC. I tried to educate my client their own health most scientific way so that after couple of months they won’t need me for their health needs. I got certified Board of Holistic Health Practitioner accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioner (AADP).


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My goal is to facilitate families across the community to live a healthier and happier life through authentic food, balanced nutrition, healthy lifestyles, essential oil above all Allah sw/God gifted natural resources that trying to establish a family farm to serve my family and our community named as Holistic Family Farm that started 2020 as named Perfect Family Farm.